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This happens only in India….

The terror strike in Mumbai is shocking. It goes on to say, no matter where you are vigilance is essential. Indian politicians have a lot to learn from their US counterparts when it comes to standing up to terrorists. The NSG commandos are fighting it out for the country, the operations are still underway at the Taj hotel and Nariman house and all I can see on TV are politicians slinging mud at each other. All I can see are parties supporting themselves and defending their statements and of course trying to offend others. Today I have realized that a lot of good happens in this country but its politicians will never change. What is the message that each of you is giving out to the world? Come out on national TV and support the guys who are actually putting their life on the line trying to fight these terrorists. When 9/11 happened, I was in the US. I watched every TV channel for days together. Every American was with the Govt and I didn’t hear a single person utter “Intelligence Failure” on National TV until weeks later. The need of the hour is not to find the reason but to protect the Nation. A lot of talk and no action is what we have been seeing but I guess that’s Indian politics. India, wake up and go after the offenders.

After 9/11 New York came to a standstill, New Yorkers barely stepped out. Not only New York, the entire country came to a standstill and here I see a difference as well. We really need to applaud the spirit of the Mumbaikars. They are already on their feet, the local trains are already packed to the brim and everyone is nervously normal. This can also happen only in India. The Indian spirit is hard to break. Why can’t Indian politicians have the same spirit? Why can’t they buck up and stick to each other and show the outsiders what the Indian spirit truly is! Is this really wishful thinking……?