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Eiffel in Spring


Eiffel in spring, Eiffel in summer,

Eiffel in the rain, Eiffel at night,

Eiffel in the sun, Eiffel with the fog,

Eiffel in the Morning, Eiffel with the lights,

It’s indeed a beautiful sight!


I’ve seen it all! The Majestic Eiffel in the Rain and Sun, with the glamour of the lights and with the glitz of the light shows that makes the magnificent tower even more beautiful. DH lovingly took us to Europe after painstakingly planning a trip and a beautiful itinerary a couple of years ago. We loved the trip and it was the most memorable of trips we’ve been on. The first time at Paris was alright but I didn’t like the city. I thought of never going back there!

Well here we are three years later and just off the plane from a trip to France. I fell in love with the place on our subsequent visit there and now we went back to just count the number of bolts on the third level of the Eiffel that I forgot to count last time 😉 This is how DH teased me throughout our stay in Paris, every time we visited the Eiffel Tower.


There are times in our lives when first impressions are totally wrong, like my first impression on Paris.  This trip got me thinking. I have perceived things and formed opinions before actually giving something/someone a fighting chance. I wonder how many of those opinions were wrong. To err is after all human but what if a wrong perception has cost a lot? Then a thought crosses my mind, I will never know the worth of all those wrongly perceived entities. I will never know how my life could have been enriched by something that I threw away. I make a mental note to give everything/everyone a chance to prove a case before creating a mental image of what it will be. I packed my bags (and my thoughts) and boarded a long flight back home. On my way over I wonder how Eiffel will look in the snow and make a silent wish to be able to return on a snowy day some day. That will definitely be the icing on the cake!