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As promised – Nemmara Vela 2009 Pictures.

Better late than never! I finally managed to upload the vela photos. The videos are going to take a while but until then, hope these images arouse your curiosity enough to wait for the videos.

Nemmara Vela 2009

Nemmara Vallangi Vela 2009

The Nemmara Vela 2009 is an unforgettable experience. Not only did I get to participate in the festivities, I also got to experience the fireworks, a first for me.

As usual the festivities began with all the pomp and vigour. On a positive note, neither was the heat index as high as last year nor did it rain. Excellent panchavadyam was music to every aching ear, heigtening each of my senses and transporting me to a greater world. If I could choose from my entire life, all the episodes where I have experienced heaven on earth, this panchavadyam is definitely going to be somewhere on top of that list.

As usual, Bhagavathi’s thidambu was beautiful, personifying her dignity and elegance. The “thidambu ketal” ceremony at Mannath Temple was great to watch. It gets better every time. The magnificient pachyderms stole the show, atleast from the point of view of the petite participants. All of them were awestruck by the eleven elephants at the Vetaikorumagan ksehtram.

Both the pandals were pieces of art. It seems bad that they are coming down as I type this but then if history is proof, the next ones will beat even these.

As a grand finale, the night sky errupted into hues of dazzling colours. My little one was more interested in knowing the winner of the fireworks display. I personally liked both, one for the accoustic effects and the other for the pyrotechnique display.

This Vela is a significant event in our calender and if you go by the sea of people thronging Nellikulangara Kaavu on the two days, it is understood that many hold the same sentiments.  I am inspired to create an entire writeup on the Vela after interviewing DH’s Ammamma. That is definitely in the agenda for a future post.

Note: Pictures and videos are definitely on the way, as soon as I get back to my broadband.

Finally uploaded the pictures.

The Nemmara Vallangi Vela

After Nine years of Marriage, I attended the vela celebrations for the first time on the 2nd of April 2008. K enjoyed with her Achamma and Achachan. She loved all the attention and I enjoyed the free time and put it to good use with my small digi camera! Words cannot describe the magnificence of the Vela pandals. When people spoke of the “Pandal”, I thought of it as a small typical wedding Shamiana. I couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality the Pandals are huge and beautiful structures made out of wood. Both the Nemmara and the Vallangi Pandals were equally good. (Although Saasu Ma would bet her life on the Nemmara Pandal’s beauty!). The Nellikulankara Bhagavathy temple is splendid as it is but for the vela the temple bore a very festive look. Nellikulankara Bhagavathy always looks beautiful and on Vela day she looked magnificent as well in all her grandeur. Devotees thronged the temple from early in the morning. I didn’t expect these many people there. There was a sea of devotees many of them outsiders who had traveled long distances just to attend the Vela.
The Panchavaadyam was excellent at the vettaikku orumakan temple in the morning. It was even better in the night at the Mannam temple. The eleven elephants were decorated in the traditional vela décor. Bhagavathy’s tidambu on the main elephant was really grand. This is all from the Nemmara end. I’m sure things were equally good at the Vellangi end.
The grand finale to the Vela, was of course the fireworks early next morning. People traveled from places far away including the neighboring states to see the fireworks. The crowds were too large and we women folks could not go into the paddy fields to watch. I felt left out but saw glimpses of it from Veliamma’s terrace. DH has promised to take me to see the fire works of the Vela sometime. It is definitely worth the trouble.
I loved my first time at the Nemmara Vallangi vela and want to return here every year to see the Vela.