Monthly Archives: October 2009

Jaane Kyon?

Jaane Kyu Log Pyar karte hai…..

Well, there is no answer to that question. Why do people fall in love? Why did I fall in love with you? Maybe it was destiny, after all. Maybe we were fated to be together. Maybe we are bound by past Karma.
Whatever the reason, I love the feeling. The warmth of your embrace, envelops my soul. The sweetness of your kiss lingers on and brings a smile to my lips even on days you are not around. The sensitivity of your words calm me down and gives me the strength to weather any storm.  The small things you do make a difference.
The coffee every morning warms my core. I can’t think of ways to thank you for being there for me, time and again.
Why we fell madly in love is a mystery but I think I know why I continue to stay in love with you.
Zindagi ki safar mein hazaaron humsafar mile, ek hamrahi………You are my true companion, without you the journey of life would have been incomplete. Thank you for being my travel mate for the past decade. I love you with all my heart.