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Mein Jaag nahi sakthi

We humans are a strange lot. We don’t care for anything we own unless we loose it. And then we miss what we no longer own. And the cycle continues.

images_logo1 I miss complaining about how little my one vote can do to change the system. I miss my Dad chanting “No vote, no college” mantra when I used my extra important morning class excuse(the one that I otherwise conveniently bunked). I miss my right to vote in this country. Yes, I made an informed decision to become a “Videshi” but back then I didn’t think about what I would loose. When Jaago Re plays on TV, I keep thinking about how I cannot wake up from this slumber, how I cannot be one insignificant number in the one billion target. Why? Because nobody cares about my Perfectly Indian Soul. 

So all those of you who plan to hit the snooze button, think about it for a minute. Would you rather try and make your feeble voice heard or have no voice at all? Think about everything that our past generations may have sacrificed so that we could have this luxury that was once their dream. It must have been each of our grandparent’s vision to see their future generations having a say in the country. What would they say if they saw this apathy? If not for us or our ideals, do it for them.

Go make your mark. Nothing may change if you do, but if you don’t then what is the use of all the gyaan that comes later?  The word democracy itself says “crazy”, so quirks are part and parcel of it. Everyone is free to pick on the quirks but does it do any good? We have a long time to pick on the quirks, I’ll join you in the rants but first go vote.


From "Ja Ja Boo" to "Double U"

From “Cha cha” to “Achaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Acha“.

From “fril fril” to “Give me some Curd“.

From “Tutta Tutta” to “Amma, I want eggs for breakfast and please don’t give me the yellow”.

From “I Lava OO” to “I Love you” (Now is more of – “I Love Akshay Kumar” and the subject is changing every week).

From “Trel trel” to “I like Wowie(chocolate bar).”

From “No Spanish” to “I understood what you just spoke in Hindi/Kannada/Tamil/Malayalam”.

From the first crawl, to the first steps, to the first bike ride.

From the first letters to the endless princess stories.

From the first gummy smiles, to the one toothed grins to the toothless wonder that you now are.




The list is endless and we have savored every moment of it. Happy Birthday my little Princess! Achan wishes to be the only guy in your life for a LOOOOOOOOONG time and Amma wishes to have a jar that could hold every memory for you will soon fly away to build your own nest.

Love is….

a steaming cup of coffee!

And how is Love a cup of coffee?

You wake up at the crack of dawn, work out, come back and hit the shower. You then coax me out of bed, sometimes having to drag me into the restroom, all along keeping your cool. And then when I get out, there you are, waiting with my morning dose of caffeine in hand.  You don’t utter a word sometimes but yet you say “I LOVE YOU” a thousand times over with your amazing morning gesture.

How many people can say that they get their morning does of Love in a cup?


Socha hai?

I’ve often wondered why we like to complain and not take action?

Why do we like to criticize and call it constructive?  Is criticism ever constructive?

I criticize the netas for the infrastructure(or the lack of it) and everything bad that happens in the country. Once I get tired, I give up. I don’t lift a finger to change things. And best of all, I call it constructive criticism.

I wonder why there is this inertia to make a change, however insignificant it may be? The Auto Driver at a crowded intersection, who instead of moaning like the rest of us, took control of the situation and made me think. Sandeep Unnikrishanan and Vijayant Thapar, took charge and made me ponder.

If the Auto driver had not done what he did, the intersection would have been a mess but Bangalore would have survived.

If Sandeep had not said “I’ll handle them”, many more innocent lives would have been lost but surely Mumbai would have still made it.

If Vijayant had not died fighting for our tomorrow, many lives would have been lost but India would have still survived. But then, India would have lost her soul if people who act and make a difference, were not in our midst.

Where would India be if they did what I do? Where did the helpless Aam Aadmis like the Auto driver, Sandeep and Vijayant get the motivation from? Ever wondered where the country would be today without them?

I’m sure the motivation started from within, a thought that provoked action. Maybe we should start by thinking positive. Maybe the small change that we need to make is to stop being the critique and start being the optimist. Let’s make a start by thinking positive.

Like Farhan Akhtar rightfully sang, socha nahi toh socho abhi…

The legacy continues

Amma loved it. We used to crave for it as kids. I still can’t pass a vendor without putting my will power to the utmost test. I remember the stall being our usual Saturday evening “Hang Out” location. When I see a bunch of teenagers around a stall, it brings back a flood of old memories. 

Now DH is the hygiene conscious one, I’ve heard unending lectures on the dangers of eating from roadside vendors. I know he is right and have vowed many times to not eat from the stalls but I’ve always reneged on my resolution the minute I lay my eyes on the mouthwatering treat. I didn’t realize my occasional splurging was being constantly monitored by a pair of eyes that miss nothing. She begged for a bite and I relented and now her latest mantra is “I LOVE PANI PURI” or “I LOVE CORN”. I didn’t think she’d take to it because her tastes are similar to DHs and he hates it with a vengeance, but here she is begging for a treat.

What do I say, other than the legacy of the stall will continue and my little one may join the crowd of teenagers surrounding one in a few years.


Footnote: Before you decide to jump on me with the dangers of eating pani puri on the roadside, let me tell you that most stalls are trendier now. They use hygiene gloves and keep the pani/puri et al covered!