Monthly Archives: July 2008

Inspiration, it can come from anywhere

I used to write as a child and then other things got in the way of writing. First it was college and then a job followed by matrimony and motherhood. Writing took the back burner and was never a priority in life.  Right now, I’ve got the time to think creatively. I used to write small poems off and on for DH’s amusement mainly. He encouraged me to write.

As it is evident from my few posts, I’m not much of a writer. In fact, the only thing that is good about my writing is that it will invoke a good laugh from anyone who chances upon it. For the past two years, I’ve not written a single creative line, thanks to the lines and lines of code I’ve had to write/review and manage. I’m hoping that this blog gets me into the creative mood again. I’m not expecting accolades for my creativity but I love to think that I am a creative writer J

There is another person whom I’ve never met, whose journal inspired me to create a blog of my own. One of her posts even inspired a poem(which I found today while looking for my rain poem). Unlike my rambles, her blog is truly an amazing reading experience. I’d like to thank Radhika Nair for the inspiration and would like to request her to continue writing for I’m sure to read every word of hers!


It’s raining…

The monsoons are finally here. Thankfully, I’m not fretting about the rain. I have no reason to, since I don’t commute in the mess called Rush hour Bangalore traffic even more exasperated by the intermittent showers. It’s fun to watch the showers from the safety of my balcony. I loved getting wet in the rain as a child and am enjoying the mood it creates. It reminds me of a rainy August Day two years ago. As I walked to the office from the parking garage it started to rain, the first that summer and immediately the smell of the first rain hit me. We had a thunderstorm that day but the first rain inspired me to write this afterwards –


The rumbling thunder echoes in the sky

Lightning shines on the dark clouds revealing them to the eye…

The sun and the moon hide behind a veil of clouds,

And watch with me as the first few drops touch the ground.

The music of the falling rain envelops all hearts quenching any despair,

Each drop unleashing the fragrance of the earth that fills the air.

Soon it pours and there is water everywhere,

The parched earth drinks her fill and bursts with life.

Shrubs sprout all around the barren ground,

New lives begin and old days are long left behind.

The first rain of the season comes and goes

Leaving behind the hope, of a greener day that soon follows.